comp.lang.python.numeric? (was Re: Numeric PEPs, first public posts)

Huaiyu Zhu hzhu at mars.localdomain
Wed Mar 21 01:16:56 CET 2001

On Tue, 20 Mar 2001 11:24:49 +0200, Moshe Zadka <moshez at> wrote:
>On 19 Mar 2001 15:55:29 -0800, aahz at (Aahz Maruch) wrote:
>> Because a lot of people don't have time to subscribe to every mailing
>> list that comes along.
>I respectfully disagree. The numerics sig has managed to get many people
>that probably don't read subscribed to it. 

Different peopel have different preferences.  Some like mail clients, some
like news clients, some even prefer web access.  Any one choice will make
others unhappy.

Since there have been several numerical discussions popping up here and
there, does anybody else think it's a good idea to create a news group


It could be gatewayed such that posting to any of the numerical mailing
lists would be submitted to the news group as well.

I do not have the expertise to manage a call for vote and other necessary
things about creating a news group.  Here is a list several advantages that
might be included in a CfV if someone does it.

1. There exists a substantial need for dicussion of numerical computing in
   Python.  This is evident from the existence of several specialized
   discussion forums.

2. A news group offers a unique type of venue that is unmatched by news
   groups in many ways.  Many potential discussants would use news group if
   if they do not use other forums.  Furthermore, it can be used in
   conjunction with others.

3. Numerical related discussions pop up in c.l.p quite often.  But the
   content is often quite specialized that it is not of general interest to
   majority of readers here at any given moment.  The discussions are also
   often very long as well.

On second thought, maybe we could broaden the scope a bit, say
comp.lang.python.math or even comp.lang.python.sci. This would allow
discussions about symbolic algebra as well.

Anybody having the energy and know-how to do this?


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