inverse of asctime

Andrew Markebo flognat at
Fri Mar 16 00:45:20 CET 2001

/ Grant Griffin <not.this at> wrote:
| Hi Gang,
| I'm in the market for the inverse of asctime().  I looked in the time module but
| couldn't find it.  (Nope, strptime isn't available on my Windows installation.) 
| Seems like there oughtta be sucha thing somewhere.

Ehm.. I actually have a, used by RogueWave ;-) *stretches
his back* You can locate it at my mismaintained code-page, will have
to make it come back to life some day.



BTW Have you actually tried searching the python site :-) 

Number-crunching NumPy Extensions

... - Produce time-module style time tuples (Andy
Eskilsson) The inverse of strftime, convert a string to a tuple that
the time module can handle. ... - 14k - Cached -

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