PEP 6: Patch and Bug Fix Releases

Tim Peters at
Fri Mar 16 08:18:14 CET 2001

[Aahz Maruch]
> ...
>     At the same time, many of the core Python developers are
>     understandably reluctant to devote a significant fraction of their
>     time and energy to what they perceive as grunt work.

That's not really the hangup for PythonLabs.  For example, the overwhelming
bulk of my Python time is already consumed by grunt work.  I don't mind that;
I get paid for it, after all <$0.01 wink>.  The problem is that there's
simply no more time to give!

Bugfix releases are a great idea -- along with uncounted dozens of other
great ideas there's no time for either.  I have high hopes, though, that for
bugfix releases, the community can be effective in making up for our
scandalous sloth.  Thank you for pushing it along!

and-we'll-put-in-more-bugs-to-make-you-look-good<wink>-ly y'rs  - tim

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