To the point of defeat.....IDLE

Deon Garrett garrett at
Fri Mar 2 06:20:25 CET 2001

Well, don't take this as the gospel truth -- I haven't actively tried to
break anything since upgrading my Python to 2.0.  But, it has been a while
and nothing has failed in my day-to-day use of the machine.  I'm actually
using Mandrake 7.2, but I use some of the RedHat stuff for administration
and it all seems to work.  Of course, I don't mind re-installing stuff from
scratch if I screw it up.  If you're talking about a mission critical system,
it would definitely be worth checking out before you bail right in to the
upgrade.  Just my two cents...


>Has anyone actually verified that the myriad pieces of RedHat Python aren't
>incompatible with 2.x? RedHat makes heavy use of Python for various system
>configuration tasks, and I've always been cautious about replacing the
>RPM-installed Python (so I installed newer versions
>with --prefix=/usr/local).
> Steve

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