Is there python code highlighting in emacs ?

Paul Winkler slinkp23 at
Thu Mar 22 05:01:08 CET 2001

John McMonagle wrote:
> The hilit19 package in emacs provides keyword highlighting when editing
> code.  For example, if you are writing in C, comments are italicised in
> red, strings are in grey, import statements are in lavender, functions
> are in bold-blue, etc.
> Does anyone know if there is python support in the hilit19 emacs lisp
> package ?

I don't know about hilit19, but I use python-mode which highlights
using font-lock-mode. Comes with GNU Emacs 20.whatever. Try M-x
python-mode and see if anything happens.

python-mode does many other useful things, too. I can't imagine
working without it at this point.

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