[ANNOUNCE] More Python tamers

Marc Poinot Marc.Poinot at onera.fr
Mon Mar 19 17:52:18 CET 2001

Hi you all,

please heck again http://lsm.abul.org
where we have now at least three more Python
tamers for our European Python Meeting:

Andy Robinson (UK) will talk about ReportLab
Christian Tismer, Dinu Gherman (DE) will talk 
about stackless python.
And maybe two other Python tamers soon...

Marcvs [alias 

Hey! Thou honest winegrower,
I was about to take this leaf,
But, aren't there indigestible
Reptiles amongst thy Wineyards ?
Let me hurriedly drop it,
Before the foe bites thy collarbone.

Oh no, please thou honest softgrower, 
Do not mistake my tree-frog catcher
With an undesirable neibourgh.
Let it walk amongst grapes, cipiou
and snares, tamers are surrounding us.
You can take your french leaf.

La balade of the reptile -
Michel de Tontaigne (1328)


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