VPython/Tk app works on single processor but not dual

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Tue Mar 20 02:33:07 CET 2001

On 19 Mar 2001 17:44:33 GMT, fcy at enteract.com (Fred Yankowski) wrote:

>This program
>works fine on WinNT if I "set affinity" of the python.exe process so
>that it's forced to run on a single processor, but if I let it run
>normally on my dual-processor system, the application hangs in short
>order, refusing to respond to mouse actions in either the Tk or
>VPython display windows.

works fine for me on Win2K and dual PIII 800 machine. 

>The program itself is available, for now, at
><http://ontosys.com/src/residue.py>.  I'm using Python 2.0


> and VPython 2001-02-27 

the top of __init__.py in visual subdir says: "Visual-2000-11-26",
though i could have sworn i just built this last month with fresh
source. i'll try your version if indeed there is something newer.

>on NT4SP6, 


> on dual Pentium-III 800 processors.  


>I have version 8.3.2 of tk83.dll and tcl83.dll.

ditto (it actually says

video card = Geforce II GTS, Tyan motherboard

les schaffer

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