How do I get Win32 to locate DLLs elsewhere (not really a Python thing)?

Tim Roberts timr at
Sun Mar 18 05:54:28 CET 2001

Francois Forest <francois_forest at> wrote:

>I got the same kind of problem on WinNT and Tcl80.dll,
>I did the same tinkering you did and saw no improvement either.
>Finally, I cleaned up the registry of all useless path (a poor install
>program had set some C:\RECYCLER\123456xxx\... in many paths).

If you're running Windows 2000, this might not be entirely the
application's problem.  If you MOVE an application that is known to the
Windows installer, it will search certain parts of the registry and adjust
occurrances of the old directory name to the new directory name.  Usually,
this is a good thing, but if you happen to drag an application to the
recycle bin intending to get rid of it, you can end up with bogus paths
like this.
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