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Topmind topmind at
Sun Mar 4 02:10:28 CET 2001

> I notice has been missing from your incessant tirades.
> How about this: OO has widespread market acceptance.
> You want metrics? Look here:

I don't dispute it's popularity, at least as a buzzword
(actual decent usage of OO is even disputed by many
OO fans.)

> Understanding OO is a good career move; science is irrelevant. I doubt that
> anyone can "prove" anything about this industry that doesn't have a dollar
> sign associated with it. Most OO people I know do it because they can make a
> good living at it and they find it intellectually satisfying.
> Please take your discussion to comp.table.programming (I hear it's the next
> big thing).

You never know. Merit and proof is not even a prerequisite.

> Maybe if you identify yourself you'll be taken more seriously. Better yet,
> go soak your head.

It hurts one career to admit distaste for OO. I have a family to
take care of. Where does Salmon Rushdie hang out, btw?

> I apologize to all affected for responding to an anonymous troll.
> Ugh.
> Steve
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> > >
> > >I've often noticed that demanding metrics is the last
> > >line of defense of the conservatives in our field against
> > >innovation
> >
> > So science be damned? At least it is official now.
> >
> > I am *not* against innovation. I am against the overhyping
> > of fads without proof.
> >


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