Memory leaks in VC6 2 line Python 2.1b1 apps?

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Fri Mar 9 07:06:27 CET 2001

On Thu, 08 Mar 2001 17:53:17 GMT, "Tom" <NoSpam at> wrote:

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>> Python 2.1b1
>> I tried to create a simple VC MFC app using the
>> wizard as follows:
>> 1) Multidoc shared MFC-DLL application.
>> 2) Run time library debug multithreaded DLL
>> 3) Added #include <python.h> to the main file
>> 4) Added
>>         Py_Initialize()
>>         Py_Finalize()
>>    at the end of the InitInstance()
>> 5) When I run I get memory leaks visible at
>>    exit.
>> Any clues anyone?
>For comparison sake.
>I use VC6 and Python 2.0.  I create an EXE that calls the same same
>functions that you mention, and Python itself doesn't leak (I get various
>wierd leaks from other sources, but not Python so far as I can tell).

Thanks Tom, Aaargh! Back to 2? 

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