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Wed Mar 7 00:47:59 CET 2001

"Andrea Ciuffoli" <ACIUFFO1 at> wrote in message
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I am new in Python programming so my question is probably silly.

Starting from the program I found in /Python20/Tools/Scripts,
I've implemented a script to either get and send data from an FTP server (my
OS is Windows NT). Now I would like to run the script automatically each
hour, what is the best way to do that?
Consider that to call my script I need to add several arguments (e.g. -m -p 2164 /test c:/mytest).

Thanks in advance,

In batch mpde, look at the "at" command, and have the batch job resubmit
itself each time it runs. Or if you have "Scheduled Events" on your system
(look in Windows Explorer), use the graphical interface.


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