[Python-Dev] Re: Bug fix releases

Tim Peters tim.one at home.com
Sat Mar 3 20:55:09 CET 2001

[Fred L. Drake, Jr.]
> ...
>   Managing the bugfix releases would also be an excellent task for
> someone who's expecting to use the bugfix releases more than the
> feature releases -- the mentality has to be right for the task.  I
> know I'm much more of a "features" person, and would have a hard time
> not crossing the line if it were up to me what went into a bugfix
> release.

Note there was never a bugfix release for 1.5.2, despite that 1.5.2 had some
serious bugs, and that 1.5.2 was current for an unprecedentedly long time.
Guido put out a call for volunteers to produce a 1.5.2 bugfix release, but
nobody responded.  Past is prelude ...

everyone-is-generous-with-everyone-else's-time-ly y'rs  - tim

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