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Steven D. Majewski <sdm7g at virginia.edu> wrote:
>An object is a piece of data with procedures attached to it.
>A closure is a procedure with a piece of data attached to it. 
>Obviously, they are complete opposites! 
>Well -- maybe "mirror images" is a better term.
Mathematicians talk of "duals".  In signal processing,
for example, one considers a voice recording--or its
"frequency graph" (periodogram--I'm simplifying, of
course).  An important instinct for all developers is
to think, when they see code (data), how to regard it
as data (code).
>If you read the HOPL articles on Lisp and Smalltalk, it's
>clear that both groups were in communication with each other
>and were aware of this -- they called it "orthigonality" --
>both a different syntax, and a different way of looking at the 
>same thing. 
Worth repeating.
>-- Steve Majewski


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