embedding python: where to put imported modules

Renzo Tomaselli renzo.tomaselli at tecnotp.it
Fri Mar 9 17:53:58 CET 2001

Hi all,
    as many others I want to embed Python in my components which take a
"physical" form of a dll/shlib. Since I want to embed a restricted version
which preimports a well defined module set, an interesting issue arises:
where to put such modules so that no further external files are needed and
such components will be fully self-consistent.
A possible solution would be to zip them as a dll resource for the win32
version, or a static data block for a shlib. Then modules would be
unzipped/loaded at first usage or at startup.
Did anybody manage a similar issue for embedding Python ? Any comment ?
                                             Renzo Tomaselli
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