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Garry Hodgson garry at sage.att.com
Mon Mar 26 18:48:49 CEST 2001

a funny thing happened at IPC9.  a bunch of were sitting in the
lounge (bar) talking, and one person mentioned that he was going
to study kendo while in japan this year.  i asked if he had previous
martial arts experience, and he said yes, he'd studied judo.
it then turned out that in this group of maybe 6-7 people, we had
this judo/kendo student, another who's done karate and now kickboxing,
another who did karate, myself (okinawan karate, aikijutsu and others),
and a pa qua practitioner.  at the next table sat another tae kwon

it seemed like an odd coincidence, but it made me wonder: is there an 
unusually high percentage of MA practitioners among the python
or the open source community?  or software in general?

enquiring minds want to know...

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