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> > Just curious but what do plan to acheive by using python with wsh that
> > couldn't do using normal .py files?
> even more curious: can Python hook up and use WMI from a normal .py?

Sure, why not?  As MS say, in their "Microsoft Windows Management
Instrumentation Scripting" paper,
The WMI SDK includes a scripting API that you use to create scripts
and Visual Basic-based applications to interact with the CIM Object
Manager. It supports the following languages:
Additionally, you can also use any scripting language implementation
that supports Microsoft's Active Scripting technologies with this API
(such as a Perl scripting engine).
and Python (with win32all) DOES support ActiveScripting, of course.

Here, for example, is the "list all running processes" WMI scripting
example translated into Python:

from win32com.client import GetObject

processes = GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}").\

for process in processes:
    print process.Name


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