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>>>>> "Don" == Don Dwiggins <dwig at advancedmp.net> writes:

    Don> Alex Martelli writes:
    >> Another way to express it: an interface is not just, not even
    >> _mostly_, about existence and signature of methods -- it's
    >> mostly about prereq's, post-conditions, and invariants; and
    >> nobody can check those at compile-time in enough cases to make
    >> a difference to your software's reliability.

    Don> I agree whole-heartedly with the first clause, but I wonder:
    Don> if you made the same statement over on comp.lang.eiffel, what
    Don> kind of response would you get from folks who use the
    Don> language extensively?  Are Eiffel's prereq's,
    Don> post-conditions, and invariants mostly ignored in practice,
    Don> or are they commonly and effectively used?

They are run time--Alex is talking about compile time.  I'm not aware
of anyone who has a compiler that can check that the output of sqrt
times itself is the input.
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