[Python-Dev] Re: Bug fix releases

Fred L. Drake, Jr. fdrake at acm.org
Sat Mar 3 20:53:45 CET 2001

Tim Peters writes:
 > Note there was never a bugfix release for 1.5.2, despite that 1.5.2 had some
 > serious bugs, and that 1.5.2 was current for an unprecedentedly long time.
 > Guido put out a call for volunteers to produce a 1.5.2 bugfix release, but
 > nobody responded.  Past is prelude ...

  And as long as that continues, I'd have to conclude that the user
base is largely happy with the way we've done things.  *If* users want
bugfix releases badly enough, someone will do them.  If not, hey,
features can be useful!


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