printing columns question

Victor Louie vlouie at
Sun Mar 25 03:35:43 CEST 2001


Just looking at some sample code...

        for i in trip[dest][1][1:] :
            print '\t%-15s%-15s%4d' % (prev, i, citymap[prev][i][0]),
            print '%5d:%02d' % (citymap[prev][i][1], citymap[prev][i][2])
            prev = i
        print "\t-------------------------------------------"
        print '\t%-30s%4d' % ("total:", trip[dest][0][0]),
        h = trip[dest][0][1] + trip[dest][0][2] / 60
        m = trip[dest][0][2] % 60
        print '%5d:%02d' % (h, m)

...i was just wondering if anybody could explain to me how the print
    ie. print '\t%-15s%-15s%4d' % (prev, i, citymap[prev][i][0]),

I understand that \t is a tab....but i don't get anything after that

If anyone could help it would be great.


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