Problems writting a wrapper around linux' ssh command

Gregory Jorgensen gregj at
Sun Mar 11 04:47:56 CET 2001

I'm not an ssh expert; I just know that it can authenticate without prompting
for a password, but only when the server and the client are configured correctly
with RSA keys. There are several versions of ssh, too. For more info I refer you

I've seen quite a few web site updating/mirroring tools, but I don't know any
that use ssh/scp offhand. You may want to poke around freshmeat.

Good luck.

In article <p9ae89.imr.ln at>, gradha at says...
>Er... I am new to ssh, so I don't even know what other methods there are...
>So far, I want to write a wrapper on top of sitecopy (a program which allows
>updating remote web sites through ftp) using ssh and scp to upload files
>and make directory modifications. If there's any other way of doing this,
>any help is very welcome. The only restriction is that the program I write
>from commandline or in background, accepts password only once, and logs
>everything to files, so I thought wrapping around ssh and scp would be the
>easiest way.

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