python, perl, lisp, tcl / got a decision to make, can you give me a view point please ? and a joke for python users :)

Yvon Boulianne mysticsguy at
Fri Mar 23 03:24:37 CET 2001

just to let you know, i pass the day on python, doing the intro
tutorial and i'm making fun.  it's the first language i use from the
old day basic on my radio shack color computer that i  find really
good.  this language is structured, the syntax is clear, i love the
way to work with tabs and not {} and i'm only a newbies on it ;-)
so maybe it's too simple to be mind expanding but maybe with a great
language like that i will be able to find new things to do with a
puter, we'll see :))

anyway this is not comparable to tcl or perl of vb, that's easy and
it's ... mmm  what can i say, I'm in Love ;-)

Take care.
With Love & Counsciousness

Yvon Boulianne ; Saphi
mysticsguy at
Humour,Paradox & Changements

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