Can anyone recomend a good intoduction to C...

Nick Jacobs nick at
Wed Mar 7 09:20:43 CET 2001

Laura Creighton wrote:

> There are a very large number of people who think that C
> is a terrific language; extremely good at what it does, and well worth
> studying, in part to understand what it is that a language designer
> does when he *gets* *it* *right*, while also believing that studying C++ is
> of particular use when you want to see what happens when a language
> designer *gets* *it* *wrong*.  Or when forced to do so at gunpoint.

I don't think C deserves all the superlatives you apply to it, but I agree that
it's instructive to study C++ as an example of a language that gets it wrong.
Take a good language, C; add some good ideas; and end up with a
baroque mess. Fascinating.

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