Why "from __future__" stinks; a counter-offer

Tim Peters tim.one at home.com
Tue Mar 20 02:27:35 CET 2001

[Remco Gerlich]
> And the place to complain [about PEPs] is the Python-DEV list, which
> is not public, although everyone can post to it and everyone can read it
> using some archives...

Preference varies by PEP author.  Guido would generally rather keep it *off*
Python-Dev, and read the PEPs after they settle down.  Setting up a mailing
list on SourceForge is an alternative, currently being used to hash out
numeric-related PEPs:


I prefer to slug things out on c.l.py, like in "the good old days" --
although I'm not sure it's possible to carry out an extended rational debate
on c.l.py anymore without enormous duplication of effort (one guess as to why
Python-Dev got created <0.1 wink>).

> And counterproposals need their own PEP unless it's a minor change
> in the proposal.

Depends on the PEP and the author again, although as a general rule I expect
that's the best way to go.  The gross difficulty with trying to give "equal
treatment" to competing ideas in a single PEP is that at most one can win.
At that time, the losing proposals are supposed to be preserved in the
"rejected PEPs" section, so that people who missed the fight the first time
around can just read about it instead of burying c.l.py under endless fresh
rounds of repetition.  Speaking of which, somebody quick write a "case
statement" PEP so Guido can reject it once and for all <0.8 wink> ...

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