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> Hi All,
> I need to display a few images on several places in a wxPanel, the obvious
> soluttion would be to use a wxImageList, especially as the panel changes
> time (a status screen of sorts).
> I cant seem to get it to work though, no compilation problems but the
> refuse to be displayed.

How are you drawing the images?  The wxImageList is a convenient way to
store and reuse images but it is not a control or widget that knows how to
draw itself and respond to events.  You have to catch the paint events, etc.
and draw the images where you want them using imageList.Draw.  Is this what
you are doing?  If so then please send a code sample or a more descriptive

> The documentation seems to concentrate on wxListCtrl
> and wxtreeCtrl none of which is applicable in this case.

It's just that these classes use images lists as described above.  There's
nothing preventing you from doing the same, although for a custom class like
this it may be just as easier or easy to just keep track of and draw the
images yourself.

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