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>> "Sorry it's so long, I didn't have time to write it short."
>> No idea where that quote is from, but I noticed in grad school that
>Pascal (as in, Blaise, the mathematician and philosopher -- not the
>programming language later named after him!-), in one of his letters.

In the US, this is commonly attributed to Mark Twain.
Goethe seems to believe he found it in Cicero <URL: 
http://lists.village.virginia.edu/lists_archive/Humanist/v05/0440.html >
and I've heard it ascribed to a pantheon of other
aphorists.  In any case, it does appear in Pascal's
*Lettres provinciales*, a book seminal both in theo-
logical apologetics and modern French prose style.
That's a rather different "one of his letters" than a
naive reader might understand.

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