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Reliability is an indication of whether a measurement is repeatable:
Does it give consistent results under the same conditions?  Subjects in
both the lowest and highest IQ ranges (more 3 standard deviations from
the mean) score more consistently on repeated administrations of the SM
L-M (not the more common SB IV) than on any other IQ test available. 
Your question is along the lines of external validity: Is the SM L-M a
valid IQ test?  The answer to that comes from consistency with other
tests in the range for which those other tests are reliable.  The SB L-M
does well here also.

Glossary of GIfted Education

Paul Winkler wrote:
> Steve wrote:
> (snip)
> > Only one IQ test, the Stanford-Binet form L-M, has
> > been shown to reliably discern among IQ's higher than about 150,
> If there are no other reliable measures of IQ > 150, how can the S-B
> test be proven reliable?
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