Static typing (was Re: Java guy interested in Python)

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Sun Mar 11 23:08:48 CET 2001

"Michael Hudson" <mwh21 at> wrote in message
news:m3hf1080or.fsf at
> > > Since that's all "int i;" *can* mean in C++, seems tautological
> >
> > Surely you're joking, Mister Peters?
> >
> >     class int {
> > Isn't this perfectly legal C++
> No.
> > , meaning something very different from "i behaves like an integer
> > variable"...?  int is no "reserved word", after all.
> Yes it is.  "identifier" and "keyword" are disjoint classes of token
> in C++, at least by my reading of the 1997-12 working draft I've just
> dredged up with google.
> Unless I've missed some subtle joke...

Sorry, too subtle -- the point was meant to be that a #define int foo
_would_ make it legal (and incomprehensible to anybody, if the
#define is well-hidden enough) -- sort of trying to see who'd fail
to spot this.  But on re-reading it falls pretty flat -- sorry!


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