Windows98+Idle0.6+ 32 bit color HW or SW problem?

Mark Wilson m.wilson at
Wed Mar 7 03:02:34 CET 2001


This may be a bit lower level than you want, but...

>When switching
>between 16 bit and 32 bit color mode the Tkinter windows are apparantly not
>updated, the contents of these windows becomes garbage.
>Microsoft applications, such as IE and outlook express do not suffer from
>these effects. Is there any known SW problem in Tkinter or related SW, which
>may cause these problems. The alternative is suspect HW (AMD Thunderbird 900
>MHz, ELSA Gladiac MX).

Windows sends a message with the id WM_DISPLAYCHANGE whenever the user applies
changes to screen resolution/depth. (In fact, with typical MS "panache", they
send the message twice - same params each time - and don't talk to me about
WM_ACTIVATE!). I have no experience with either Tkinter or Idle, but you could
check the Win sources and see if this message is at least handled by the Windows
message handling code. That might indicate a possible solution. I don't actually
know where this message is derived from, but I'd be surprised if it was the
graphics card driver.

>I now get horizontal disturbances in the idle and other
>TKinter windows, when using 32 bit color mode and 1280*1024.

Sounds like a different problem - perhaps that is the HW/driver. Perhaps you
could elaborate.

Have fun

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