Simple regex that has me banging my head against a wall

Kalle Svensson kalle at
Wed Mar 21 23:52:41 CET 2001

Sez Timothy Grant:
> Hi again.
> I actually thought I had this regex thing down pretty well, but
> I'm getting beat up by what I thought should be a simple one.
> >>> x = '$1$asdfjke$lkjasdkjfsdasdfj'
> >>> re.sub(r'\$', r'\\\$', x)

One \ too many, it seems.  The second argument to re.sub is not a regex, so
you don't have to escape the $.

> '\\\\$1\\\\$asdfjke\\\\$lkjasdkjfsdasdfj'
> All I want to do is substitute \$ for $.

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