Pep 238 Why new // operator (Non-integer Division)

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>[Grant Griffin]
>> BTW, I guess I'm not the first one to notice that this new operator
>> looks an awful lot like a C/C++ comment.
>No, you're the first! 329 people did note that // looks an awful lot like
>Fortran's string concatenation operator.  I expect these were the same 329
>who complained to the C++ committee about abusing *their* prior art.

Eureka!--I get it now.  It's designed to make it easier to write Fortran in
Python (er, I mean "Fortran _as_ Python") <wink>

>> So maybe some other symbol should be used.

Now that you mention it, did the previous line inspire "print >>"?

>Why bother?  Python's # looks an awful lot like C++'s preprocessor directive
>flag too.

Now don't get me start on that: to me, it had looked more like _Perl's_ #!  
(That has too many sharp edges!)

   -*all*-good-<wink>-ly y'rs,



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