create new statement?

Tim Peters at
Fri Mar 2 20:18:20 CET 2001

[Bruce Edge]
> Can you add a new statement to python?

Yes, but you probably can't <wink>.  That is, the set of statements is fixed,
and to add a new statement you would need to change the grammar of the
language, rebuild the parse tables, and alter the compiler to generate
appropriate code for it.

> ...
> I want to add my own command to the interp, but not have to use object
> calling syntax
> eg:
>     create obj opt
> not
>     create(obj, opt)
> How do I define new statements, or, a way of calling functions using the
> former syntax?

You don't, in Python.  "It's a feature" that everyone's code looks the same
here.  You can do that in Perl, though.  Without changing the language
implementation, the closest you could get in Python would be to write a
source-to-source (or source-to-bytecode) translator of your own, that output
legitimate Python source (or bytecode).

python's-syntax-is-neither-extensible-nor-overridable-ly y'rs  - tim

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