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This one time, at band camp,
  Russell Nelson <nelson at> wrote:
> "Jay R. Ashworth" wrote:
> > No, actually, I'd bet some cash that the largest collection by size is
> > the combined efforts of the US Govenment.  That's (almost) all free.
> So, do you have any suggestions on what vector file format and dataset I
> should aim at first?



Depends on whether the target is hikers, road warriors, boaters, or
flyers, really.  The USGS DRG-O and Shapefile formats seem to be the
most common, but the former is scheduled to be replaced by a format I
mentioned last week sometime (my laptop went for a swim the other day,
and the mouse circuitry is still mildly horked, so I can't find the
reference easily for you), which is likely to displace the latter too,
in time.

Check out and, for a couple of useful
starting points, I guess.  More When I Can Get To More<tm>.

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