python 2.0 rpm for redhat 7.0?

Bob Kummerfeld bob at
Mon Mar 26 13:19:51 CEST 2001

Can anyone point me to an rpm for Python 2.0 that will install on a 
stock standard redhat 7.0 system?

My daughter asked me to help install python 2.0 on her new system. I
told her it was trivial..... some hours later I'm advising her to
reformat the disk and install Mandrake 7.2!

The BeOpen rpm for py2.0 complains of missing libraries. I decided to
make py2.0 from source (normally a trivial exercise). It complains that
gcc appears to be broken. I install the many update rpms for gcc from
redhat. It's STILL broken....

help :-(

Bob Kummerfeld


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