python, perl, lisp, tcl / got a decision to make, can you give me a view point please ? and a joke for python users :)

Petr Swedock petr at
Sat Mar 24 05:48:37 CET 2001

On Sat, 24 Mar 2001, Tim Hammerquist wrote:

> Yvon Boulianne <mysticsguy at> wrote:
> > i know a bit of perl and tcl, (i find
> > perl too much cryptics, difficult to understand other people scripts)
> Damn!  Not even a mystic can make sense of Perl.  =)

Normally, a mystic wouldn't have to, they'd just divine intent. This too
is impossible to do with Perl =-)

And while I don't have a 'joke for python users', I do often tell others
that if Guido van Rossum were a true Monty Python fan he'd have named 
the language "Raymond Luxury-Yacht" AND require that people pronounce it
"Throat Warbler Mangrove."  =-) Does that count?



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