Magnitude of the wx* market (was: Python In A Nutshell - suggestions)

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Thu Mar 15 02:11:09 CET 2001

Sure, we'll take this suggestion into consideration (on expanding wxPython 
coverage) when we publish the next edition of Python Programming on Win32.
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>> >And while I'm at it, one useful book to have would be on
>> wxWindows/wxPython.  I see references to it in several places, and a
>> few intros on the web, but
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>> This is an interesting point.  It's typical in computer
>> book publishing that publishers want more than authors
>> can produce; roughly, someone like ORA would happily
>> print many more titles than they can find authors willing
>> and able to write.
>> I happen to know, though, that several publishers have
>> rejected wxWindows proposals.
>> I doubt, though, that there'd be much trouble making the
>> case that the subject deserves a chapter in a larger work.
>And the larger work in question is "Python Programming on Win32" by Mark
>Hammond & Andy Robinson, already published by ORA, so I doubt they'd be
>particularly interested in another! It doesn't have full documentation of
>the wxPython classes, though, just a tutorial introduction. Maybe the way
>to go is to get them to extend it in the next edition?

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