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Aahz Maruch aahz at panix.com
Wed Mar 14 06:14:29 CET 2001

[I'm writing up a PEP for this, but wanted to respond to one bit before
this post scrolls off my spool.]

In article <3aa2e9c3.210139114 at news.laplaza.org>,
Mats Wichmann <xyzmats at laplaza.org> wrote:
>I can't see that this will actually happen until there's a champion who
>will handle the "boring stuff" - that is, babysit the older released
>line (we don't all think that's boring work, but what the heck).  If
>I can point at the Linux kernel development (don't anybody gack now),
>Linus handles the "interesting stuff" - the latest branch; when it
>reaches a certain degree of stability he hands over to Alan Cox.  Did
>Aahz just volunteer to be our Alan Cox?

Maybe.  ;-)  Depends on what Alan Cox actually does; if he decides which
patches go in, I can't be Alan, not by myself.  I just don't have enough
knowledge of the Python kernel and I'm not all that good of a C
programmer (that's why I use Python!).

Can someone write a bit more about the actual Linux maintenance process?
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