Access to sybase API

Dave Cole djc at
Tue Mar 6 11:44:09 CET 2001

>>>>> "Carsten" == Carsten Gaebler <cg at> writes:

Carsten> Neotaku wrote:
>> I search a code source for python to access Sybase thru API
>> connexion the Sybase DB-Library API or Sybase CT-Library (aka the
>> Client Library) API

Carsten> Have a look at Dave Cole's Sybase module:

I have been slowly rewriting this module to make it as close to 100%
DB-API 2.0 compliance as possible.  My new version has split the
module into a Python part and a C extension module which is a fairly
thin wrapper on top of the Sybase CT API.  I am getting fairly close,
but the pressures of earning money keep forcing me back onto real

For some people, the new version of the module might be good enough
already to replace the current 0.12 module.  I have not placed a link
to the new module on the homepage because I want to wait until the new
module can completely replace the old module.

If you are interested in giving the new module a spin, or you are
interested in how the CT library works, you can get the work in
progress from:

If you were not happy with the speed of cursors in the old module then
you should try this one.  Cursors are now about five times faster
because I am no longer using ct_cursor().

In some ways, the new module is much closer to DB-API compliance than
the old one.

- Dave

P.S.  If you want to hekp out with the implementation, I will
      gratefully accept patches.


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