Documentation/Examples about the htmllib?

Hermann Himmelbauer dusty at
Thu Mar 8 18:37:43 CET 2001

I want to parse a htmlpage with python, so I thought using the htmllib 
would be good for that task.

In my html-page I have this tag:
<area href="/html/page.html?key" .... >

What I want to do is extract this link parameter "key".

It would be perfect if the htmllib would extract me all the <area ...> tags 
into a list so that I could simply find the rigth tag and extract the key.

I did manage to get data between a tag like <title> data </title> but could 
not get the data "in" the tag itself. Of course I could do this with a 
regular expression but I thought using this module would give me better 
results, what do you think?

Does anyone have a clue?

                Best Regards,

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