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Wed Mar 7 01:03:12 CET 2001

Don't forhet to solicit the chemictry community, much of which won't read

not-done-organic-chemistry-in-thirty-five-years-ly y'rs  - steve

"mapMonkey" <jziniti at> wrote in message
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> Pythonistas,
> I am encouraging my current employer to GPL at least some of
> our code and I would like to see what kind of interest I can
> generate from the Python community ( everyone's favorite
> language ;).  The amount of interest is very likely to swing the
> vote ...
> The current code-base is geared to Organic Chemistry molecules
> and the IUPAC nomenclature system and it works quite well.  It
> was written entirely in Python, and entirely by me. My
> goals are to re-engineer this code for added flexibility, and to
> increase the scope of the model to include all (or most) of organic
> chemistry (reactions, submolecular thingies, etc.).
> Anyone? Anyone?
> Thanks for your time,
> John Ziniti

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