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> I think the first line of the tutorial sums it up nicely:
> "Last Updated 4 June 1997 9:00 a.m."
> The ni module has not been used for a while now. I beleive it's use was
> required pre 1.5 to enable package importing....or something like that.
> I would reccommend find a more upto date tutorial on Python and COM.
> e.g. the docs that come with Pythonwin, Mark Hammonds book - "Python
> Programming on win32" - ISBN: 1565926218, Mark's starship page also has
> links to sample code tutorials etc:
> Hope that helps.
> Paul.
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Thank you for your help.  I assumed the tutorial was up to date because the
author specified that Python 2.0 was needed for the example to work.  I
browsed Mark Hammond's site and think I can use some of the info there.
However, I looked at his lecture notes from a conference he gave in 2000,
and he mentions the "import ni" as well.  I'll try to see if I can get his
win32 book.  That might clear things up.

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