[Pythonwin] Scintilla ID(L)Eal

Neil Hodgson neilh at scintilla.org
Mon Mar 19 22:19:54 CET 2001

> REGEXP support and "Find in Files" (recursively)
> as in IDLE would be nice !

   PythonWin has a "Find in Files" command - its just a bit hard to find.

   From the "File" menu select "New".
   A "New" dialog pops up with two choices "Python Script" and "Grep".
   Choose "Grep" and OK the dialog.
   Fill in the fields.
   If you want the find to be recursive select "Subdirectories".
   Click OK.
   A new window appears, some disk churning occurs and you are presented
with a list of matches.
   Double click on any of the matches to open the file.

   Another useful tool is the "Across open files" option in the Find dialog
which allows the find to move from the current file to others that are
currently open.

   Regexp support would be good but is unlikely to happen unless a user
cares enough to add the feature. There is some support in Scintilla for
regexp searching but is not turned on currently due to time constraints.
Alternatively, PythonWin could do its own regexp searching based on Python's
re module which is much larger and better than Scintilla's will be when it
is turned on.


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