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Thu Mar 8 14:57:22 CET 2001

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> In article <3aa6551e.212870101 at>, Mats Wichmann wrote:
> >(oops, I smell a flood of "I can top that" comments such as "you had a
> >terminal? I learned on a Teletype", "you had a Teletype? I had to
> >toggle code in using switches", "you had switches?  I had to use
> >Forth!".  Consider that joke already played out, eh).
> You had 1's?  In my day we had to write everything using nothign but 0's!
We'd 'ave give our right arms for a few zeroes when I were a lad. We used to
have to get up three hours before we went to bed, lick 't information
superhighway clean wi' us bare tongues, and that were just so we could have
nothing at all. I used to borrow zeroes from next door for mi' mother's
birthday, and spend an hour cleaning 'em up before I took 'em back. And yer
tell these young programmers wi' their GUIs and their IDEs and they just
don't believe yer.

born-with-an-unfair-advantage-in-a-yorkshireman-sketch-ly y'rs  - steve

PS: Mats, this is, you surely didn't believe you could finesse this?

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