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Harry George hgg9140 at cola.ca.boeing.com
Thu Mar 22 15:27:48 CET 2001

No matter what, get a copy of Beazley's Python Essential Reference.

If you already program in several languages (e.g., are familiar with
scripting, objects, method overrides, and lisp-ish map/apply/etc.),
you may be able to learn python from that book (plus looking at code
examples for good idioms).  Basically, you would be looking up python
syntax for things you already understand in principle.

If Essential Python leaves you guessing, the Quick Python Book might
fill in the gaps.

"Benjamin.Altman" <ben at .> writes:

> Hello.  From the perspective of someone who already has programming
> experience, would anyone know if O'reillys "Learning Python" book would
> be better than say Prentice Hall's "Core Python Programming"?  Or would
> it be better to go straight into something like "Programming Python"?
> Thanks,
> Ben

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