Communicating with serial port

Mike Callahan mcalla at
Thu Mar 15 22:56:30 CET 2001


I recently finished a program using Roger's latest version of Sio and it
worked well with Python 2.0.

Mike Callahan

"Peter Blom" <pet-blo at> wrote in message
news:ndNn6.5161$t21.152593 at
> I shall write a python program for downloading data from a memory card in
> measuring instrument, via a serial port.
> For this purpose, I have downloaded - a serial comm
> for windows 95, upgraded to Python 1.5.1.
> This does not seem to work - when importing the module '', my
> system hangs (Windows 98, Activestate Python 2.0).
> Could anybody give a hint?
> Peter (a newbie)

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