making a web page with interactive figures

tla nospam at
Wed May 16 01:46:23 CEST 2001

I would like to venture into making a Web Page with interactive figures, but
have never done any web programming and no idea which tools to use.  I've been
using Python for a few years (mostly numeric stuff -- data analysis and
acquisition, etc.), and would like to stick with Python if possible.  Could
someone tell me if I can do the following things on a web page using Python and
which tools would be appropriate.

1)  Display two graphs, and when the user selects (clicks on) a point in one
graph, have the other graph refresh with a new picture based on the selected

2) (I think this is harder than #1.)  Given two simple figures, A and B, each
composed of just few arrows and boxes, etc. , I would like to allow the user to
grab (click and hold) an object in A, and move it around smoothly, and while
this is being done, smoothly update the objects in B, in some predetermined way,
depending on what's happening in A.

3)  For any state in #1 and #2, generate a stereo sound file from two NumPy
arrays and allow the user to listen to this.

I assume, especially, for 2, but possibly for 1 and 3, that the user will need
to have an executable that automatically runs on their computer.  Is this the
way this would work?  What are my options for this?  If I can't use Python for
these, what should I use?

Thanks for suggestions,
TA16 at

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