Tkinter problems

Christian Maus maus at
Wed May 23 10:20:37 EDT 2001

Christian Maus wrote:

> Hi there,
> I have a Problem using Tkinter and Frames.  I want to use several
> toplevel-windows in my Application. I put each of my windows in a class,
> except for some "childwindows" that are created by a class method of their
> "parent window" e.g. ldapwindow.createLDAPeditwin creates a new
> toplevel-window, which can be referred to via a variable (e.g
> self.subwin). In one of these childwindows I put a button which calls a
> method to create a new frame in the childwindow. Instead of creating a new
> frame in this childwindow, containing a label and an entry, it is created
> in my mainwindow. When I insert a label directly into the window, instead
> of a new frame the label is created in the childwindow just as I intended.
> What did I do wrong? Thanks in advance
> Christian


I found out what the problem was: I did pack the frame before it's inner 
components. Now it works.

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