Python 2.0 quick reference...

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Sat May 19 18:14:43 EDT 2001

Okay, my reaction to the first is:

	Darn Microsoft to heck for not having an importer for a common academic
format when they've charged me most of a $1000 for this bleeping program!
And secondarily, why can't everyone (latex included) use something standard
(SGML, XML, I don't care, I'm a content guy) so that whatever I use to read
something will at least be able to read and display it in some form.


	Lynx engenders love of standards and hate of Microsoft among WebMasters.

Hey, you're right ;) .

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The problem is that your rant leaves out interoperability issues.  For
example, consider how a user of MS Word feels on receiving a document in
LaTeX format.  That's the way a lot of webmasters feel about Lynx.

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