Displaying a picture with tkinter

Arthur Perlo perlo at mail.csb.yale.edu
Fri May 18 16:04:38 CEST 2001

Thanks to those who replied to my original post. It looks
as if, within Python, PIL is the way to go for me. My initial
attempts to install PIL have not been crowned with success.
But that will be a separate post -- If I decide to persist 
(instead of going back to plain old X/Motif).

Thanks again,
-- Art

Arthur Perlo wrote:
> Hi,
> My program generates an image (picture), consisting of an
> NxM array of 8- or 16-bit pixels. I want to display it in
> my python application. I gather that I need the Image or
> PhotoImage widget, but the only documentation I can find is
> for loading the image from a file. My image is generated by
> my program.
> Can anyone point me to documentation or (preferably) sample
> code that will show me how to do this?
> (Unfortunately, I am not only new to python, but am ignorant
> of Tk. I couldn't find understandable (by me) documentation
> of this for Tk, either).
> -- Art
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