Windows DLL question

Thomas Heller thomas.heller at
Fri May 18 09:37:58 EDT 2001

This is probably offtopic, but needed for a python project,
so here we go:

I want to create a DLL exporting a function (DllCanUnloadNow).
This DLL _uses_ a function also named DllCanUnloadNow, exported
from another DLL. How can I do this?

In the past, I would have written a def-file:


and would be able to write

STDAPI DllCanUnloadNow(void)
    return other_DllCanUnloadNow();

but IMPORTS sections are not supported any longer...

Does anyone have a solution?



PS: I know about /EXPORT:DllCanUnloadNow=pythoncom20.DllCanUnloadNow,
but this does not help me.

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