tkinter and focus...

Nicola S. stain at
Wed May 30 02:05:55 EDT 2001

28 May 2001 11:07:31 GMT, Uwe Schmitt <schmitt at> wrote:
Matthew Dixon Cowles <matt at> wrote:
>1) how can i change the order of widgets which are activated
>   by TAB ?

the order dipends by the order in wich the widgets are packed using a geometry
manager (eg. pack) in the source file.

>2) my informationwindow (as described above) appears in the
>   left upper corner of the screen, but it should appear
>   near the main-window.

you can get results with the geometry method:

offset = 50
mywidget.geometry("+%d+%d" % (parent.winfo_rootx()+offset,

where parent is the parent widget. Change the offset as you need.

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